Active tourism is on the rise, especially among young people. Their motivation is the performance of outdoor activities in contact with nature. Similarly, ecotourism grows along with the environmental awareness of society. This is ideal in the current tourist landscape, as it allows you to discover outdoor places, decreasing the possibility of COVID-19 infection.

Tenerife is a destination with an undeniable natural heritage and, therefore, an ideal place for lovers of sports tourism and adventure. On this island you can enjoy numerous activities in dreamlike landscapes, from the Teide with its enviable biological diversity to natural parks. Then we collect the main sports that can be practiced



This adventure sport allows you to get to know the ravines of Tenerife, descend through its natural walls and jump through its water pits.

There are ravines of different levels in which to test your courage, from the simplest for beginners to some more complex for those who have already started in this activity.



Hiking in Tenerife is one of the most popular activities both for tourists and for the people of Tenerife thanks to its incomparable natural environment. Tenerife has an extensive network of trails throughout the island in volcanic landscapes, forests of ancient vegetation, dream beaches, lunar landscapes and much more. 

We offer you the opportunity to make the best hiking trails of the island where you can appreciate an environment full of attractions of incalculable value.



If you like cycling, the island’s roads await you to offer incredible landscapes to discover on wheels. Tenerife is the place chosen by many professional cyclists to train and even compete. However, for cycling enthusiasts it is also an ideal place, as there are courses for all levels.

In addition, you can choose to practice MTB mountain bike or mountain biking. Tenerife has trails through which you can cross forests and mountains with your bike.

You will be able to pedal beside the sea or also to more than 2.000 meters of height. You choose!



The Canary Islands are a paradise for diving enthusiasts. The underwater landscapes of volcanic origin, the crystal clear waters, the biodiversity, the temperature of the water and the contrasts of sand and rock make Tenerife an ideal place to dive.

On the north coast you should be more careful with the weather, as it is more prone to strong winds, dangerous swells and sea bottom. Make sure the day you go diving there the waters are calm. However, the underwater beauty of the north is indescribable, highlighting the fireplace and the cathedral near the Puerto de la Cruz, two volcanic formations under the sea that are worth seeing.

On the other hand, the south and west coast is usually quieter, ideal for beginners. Here the most sought after places to practice scuba diving or snorkeling are Armeñime (La Caleta, Costa Adeje) and the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Want to dive and observe the underwater landscape of the Canary Islands? Then Tenerife is an ideal choice.



Tenerife is the perfect place for lovers of surfing, because you can do this activity throughout the year thanks to its weather conditions. There are waves on the island, where you can choose between sand, stone and volcanic reef.

If you want to enjoy big in the sea you can not miss this adventure.



On the island there are several climbing areas, among which the Cañada del Capricho and the Guaria cliff stand out. The unique setting of Tenerife encourages climbers to climb the walls of the most incredible places. If you are a beginner, you can book an initiation course and discover the island in a different way.

Alpine areas, ravines, cliffs... you’ll find tracks of all kinds and levels to climb.



In Tenerife you can see numerous species of birds, several of them endemic. Specifically, there are 21 ideal places on the island for observation, such as the Pico del Inglés viewpoint in Parque Rural de Anaga, La Caldera de la Orotava in the north or Acantilado de Los Gigantes in the south and many more. 

In addition, for certain hiking trails you may see some of these species in their natural habitat, giving you the opportunity to take a beautiful photographic souvenir home. 

Stand-up paddle


If you are looking for a quiet walk by the sea while exercising your body, the stand-up paddle is the perfect activity for you. The best thing about this sport is that it is suitable for all ages and can be practiced in any type of aquatic environment, as long as it is large enough. In addition, as it has great stability and plenty of space, it is possible to bring children on board. 

The beach of Las Teresitas, Radazul or Los Cristianos are perfect places to climb the table, take the oar and live this unforgettable and fun experience.

In short, Tenerife is the perfect island for active tourism or ecotourism thanks to its natural heritage, its climatic conditions and the diversity of landscapes. The panoramic views of the Teide, the steep cliffs, the wild beaches, the forests and the microclimates make the island a captivating place. 

In World Travel Tenerife we offer you the opportunity to connect with nature by doing the most fun activities, both water and land activities or whether you go with children or with friends. Check out our website and reserve the experience that you like!

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